15 Tips on How to Be a Sweetest Kisser

Slow and Sensual, Caress Before Kissing

Slow and Sensual, Caress Before Kissing

I start by caressing her face with the tips of my fingers (mainly middle finger and sometimes add index finger), very gently, barely even touching her (an example would be like trying to touch your hair on your hands or arms but not touching your skin) move them from the side of her eyes to her neck then to her ears to her lips, all of this in a slow motion. During this motion, my eyes are locked with hers and as soon as I touch her lips with my fingers, I close my eyes and slowly start moving my lips closer to hers meanwhile start moving my fingers back to the side of her eyes. As our lips touch, it is a gentle peck on her lips, my eyes are closed this whole time.” - Eric A.

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