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15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor

Cleaning can be expensive, but making your home comfortable is necessary. Apart from hiring pricey house cleaning services or stocking up on costly cleaning supplies, there are alternative ways to clean the house.

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_1

1. Buff Surfaces With Olive Oil

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_2

Olive oil provides many nutritional benefits and possibly increases longevity. It turns out that it can also aid in household cleaning. Olive oil is a fantastic cleaning solution for stainless steel objects, including pots, pans, and appliances. To remove stains, apply olive oil to a soft cloth and rub in a circular motion.

2. Remove Pet Hair With Rubber Gloves

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_3

Rubber gloves will work when your regular vacuum doesn't manage to get all of your pet's hair. You can slide them on and scrub any places that require additional cleaning. Rubber has enough elasticity when pressed against the fabric to collect the pet hair. When you're through, simply wash the gloves under running water to remove the hair.

3. Remove Lime Buildup With Vinegar

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_4

Check this out if you wish to replace a lime-covered faucet. Instead of purchasing a new fixture, you could remove the lime buildup. Over time, you could save a ton of money by using tips like these. All you need to do is cover the faucet with paper towels, soak them in vinegar, and leave it alone for an hour. The deposits will be softer when you return, making them more straightforward to remove.

4. Remove Carpet Stains With Vodka

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_5

This cleaning trick works with white wine, clear vodka (which can be surprisingly helpful in housing cleaning), and rubbing alcohol. First, blot the stain. Then, apply clear alcohol to the stain, such as rubbing alcohol, white wine, and vodka, which are all superior to any over-the-counter remedy.

5. Use Essential Oils For A Sparkling Toilet

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_6

We highly recommend you to use essential oils in a homemade toilet cleaning solution. All you have to do is combine one cup of baking soda with lemon or orange essential oil and tea tree essential oil (15 drops each). After 30 minutes, clean the mixture with a brush before flushing.

6. Remove Finger Marks From Stainless Steel

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_7

Fingerprints are bothersome and sometimes don't go away with a wipe, whether on the sink, a splashback, or the kettle. You can instead rub the entire surface with a clean cloth and a dab of baby oil or rinse aid to see them disappear.

7. Collect Swap Old Rags For Paper Towels

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_8

You probably have some worn-out old T-shirts and towels in your drawers. Don't discard them. Instead, clean them out and wash them to make cleaning wipes by placing them in the washing machine. This is more efficient and less expensive than paper towels in terms of cleaning, and it is also environmentally friendly.

8. Use Baking Soda And Vinegar To Clean The Tub

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_9

A very professional cleaning tip for tubs can be done using the following 10-minute strategy. Pour boiling water, one cup vinegar, and half a cup of baking soda into an empty tub and let it sit for five minutes. Then, add hot water to the tub until it is about one-quarter full. Wait for another five minutes. Finally, open the drain and give it a good rinse.

9. Collect Empty Bottles And Containers

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_10

There's no reason to feel guilty if you have an abundance of empty cans, bottles, and other beverage containers in your home because you can sell them for money. The feeling that you're getting paid to clean your house makes it much more enjoyable. If you reside in a state with container deposit rules, you might get between 2 and 15 cents per item. So it is never too late to collect these things and head to the recycling center.

10. Make Your DIY Glass Cleaner

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_11

Making your own glass cleaner is simple if you don't feel like running to the shop for more. Shake after combining white vinegar, distilled water, and a couple of drops of essential oil. Try this method if you need to clean your windows, mirrors, or even shower doors quickly and cheaply.

11. Clean The Oven With Shaving Cream

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_12

Apply white foamy shaving cream to soiled areas of your oven, as dads did in the 1970s. Although it is a little dirty, this cleaning trick works. This is because ingredients in shaving cream are also found in soap, such as cleansers and detergents. After applying the shaving cream, wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel. A moist sponge should make it simpler to remove any lingering muck. Before using the oven for cooking, make sure you clean out every last piece of shaving cream from it.

12. Put Lemons To Work

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_13

Lemons are not only a delightful culinary staple, but their high acidity also makes them excellent all-natural cleansers. These citrus fruits can be used to freshen your garbage disposal, clean your microwave and cutting surfaces, and even polish copper.

13. Refresh Old Sneakers

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_14

Purchasing new footwear is pricey. Fortunately, there are some tips to restore your sneakers to like-new condition. You can brush the white sections of the exterior of your shoes with toothpaste to make the shoes shine. For the inside of the shoes, use some baking soda to eliminate odors.

14. Make Your Own Patio Furniture Cleaner

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_15

It can be challenging to clean your patio furniture because it has spent the entire year outside. The good news is that you could take on this inexpensive DIY project and remove filth with little dish soap rather than purchasing expensive cleaners or simply giving up and investing in new furniture. All it takes is a spray of dish detergent in a basin of warm water. Use the solution to clean your tables and chairs, then rinse everything with water. It will be ready for the grill once it has dried.

15. Earn A Charitable Tax Deduction

15 Super Cheap Cleaning Hacks To Hit The Floor_16

Donate your lightly used clothing and household items to a good cause if you lack the time, patience, or energy to sell them. A staffer will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for the items' estimated worth when you drop them off.

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