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15 Signs Of Marriage Won't Last Long According To Wedding Photographers

Photographers spend a lot of time with new couples on the day of their wedding, so they see a lot. From their point of view, these are the red flags that could potentially be a sign that your relationship won’t last as long as you’d hoped.


1. You are impatient with each other on your wedding day

Weddings are stressful, and as a result, people feel tired and lose their temper. But, if you can’t treat each other with kindness and patience, under those circumstances, that’s probably not a great sign.


2. You don’t respond well to conflict while planning and organizing

Disagreements and disputes exist during the course of preparing for your wedding. But, it is how you and your partner react to these conflicts that really reflect the truth of your relationship. One photographer claimed: "certain body language and negative behavior during on-site visits can be a red flag and a potential indication of a short marriage."


3. The mother of a bride (or groom) takes over wedding

It’s normal for many couples to ask for help from their moms, and listen to their opinions. However, if mom seems to be one in charge and making decisions, with her thoughts more important than yours or your partner’s, that’s not a great sign.


4. One of the partners is utterly uninterested in photographs

"Not everyone is interested in photography. Many clients' fiancés are not interested in it at all, but they're willing to coordinate because they know the photography is critical to their partner," says Rob Greer, a wedding photographer in LA. But one bride he met during his career refused to do that, and that couple divorced three months later.


5. One of the partners makes unilateral decisions

"Some potential red flags that I have seen from time to time are couples that are not communicating well during the planning process," Baez says. "For example, when the bride is making big decisions about the wedding without consulting her fiancé I'm usually cringing a little inside." So, making unilateral decisions rather than discussing them with each other is not a great sign either.


6. You can’t compromise while planning

Marriage requires compromise if the couple can't compromise while planning, it could be a sign that there might be issues with compromises in the future as well. Phillips says: "this can be seen from how they solve arguments in general, and how respectful they are of one another’s opinions."


7. You spend the entire reception with your friends

"If one of the couples are too busy hanging out with their friends all night, that's a red flag," photographer McKay says.


8. One of you doesn’t care about the plans or doesn’t want to be involved

Marriage planning is a tough task and requires both the couples’ involvement. "If the partner isn’t interested in the planning or the event itself it could be a sign that they won’t be invested in the marriage either," photographer Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer say.


9. You overspend before marriage

Spending beyond your budget might be a potential warning sign for the future of your relationship. Jimmy Chan says: "Perfection has a cost, and unfortunately, this amount is too costly for the average bride. Needing to borrow money to cover wedding-related expenses is sure to backfire in the future."


10. You are picky about everything

It's understandable to feel mad if something happens that is not in your schedule. But you shouldn't let these minor things ruin your wedding day.


11. Your partner has ended a lot of relationships

If your partner is scared to commit, that might be worth exploring. Especially if he or she has a long history of breakups and bad relationships. Dig deeper before saying yes.


12. The relationship seems built on physical attraction alone

If a couples' love is on the basis of physical attraction, it will not last long. Sol Tamargo shared one of his experiences where he was invited to take sexy photos in a private room for a couple, before declining. One year after the wedding, the couple separated.


13. You get married just for the thrill of it

Another reason for a quick divorce is when people get married due to pressure or simply due to the desire to marry someone. The feeling of being left on the shelf or an otherwise strong desire to get married pushes them to find a person quickly, but they then quickly realize they don’t have similar interests or may have different life goals.


14. The couple isn’t on the same page about budget

Money matters in all marriages and plays a vital role in a relationship. If the two can’t always be on the same page about their finances, they will often separate.


15. More than 20 percent of the wedding invitations were rejected

Typically, people love to attend a wedding as they want to witness the happy moment with their friend or family member. A high RSVP rejection rate, therefore, tends to mean something, like the fact that your friends won’t approve of the person. You have to ask why and reconsider the relationship.


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