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15 Sexiest Long Hairstyles For Effortless Stylish Looks

Though you have lots of options for your long hair, making it sexy isn't an easy task. Have no doubt, you need creative inspiration. So, we have listed 15 sexy hairstyles that are extremely hot and easy-to-style, that will keep you looking sultry all summer!


1. Beyoncé - Naturally Straight & Wavy

Though this style is super sleek, it's not completely straight hair. The big waves in the lower half add something extra sexy to this look. Blonde hair color like Beyoncé's is always timeless.


2. Rihanna - Waterfall Curls

This half-up style is perfect for natural curls. You can also wear a shiny dress to match these black waterfall curls.


3. Emma Roberts - Pin Back Trick

Tired of your short and face-framing layers at the front? The simplest way is to pin them back with ordinary bobby pins.


4. Zendaya - Play with Your Pony

Try to get rid of the boring ponytail! Create a low pony and bump up the volume of the tail by backcombing.


5. Sophie Turner - Messy Pink

Rock your hair with some unique color, just as if you were going to a music festival. Pink is one excellent color choice you really should try.


6. Blake Lively - Bubble Pony

Blake Lively's long bubble ponytail looks sexy and adorable. To get this effect, tie your pony into three or four sections vertically and then pull the hair in the midsections out.


7. Selena Gomez - A Shiny Tuck

This shiny sleek hairstyle really shows off the innate sexiness of Selena Gomez. Part the hair to the side and tuck it behind the ears.


8. Gigi Hadid - Try False Fringes

A feeling of mystery? With the clip-in faux in the front, the long waves are livelier. Wear this look to your next date.


9. Sofia Vergara - Sexy Curls

Long waves look super sexy on Sofia Vergara. You can copy this look by styling with loose waves and a center parting.


10. Ellie Goulding - Rock a Tousled Braid

Ellie Goulding's side braid is a classic style that you can try. Before you start to braid, backcomb your hair to make it look fuller.


11. Taylor Swift - A Simple Bun

In order to prevent this bun from looking too severe, backcomb the roots and leave some pieces sticking out at the back.


12. Hilary Duff - A Falling-down Chignon

This undone updo looks extremely sexy. To get this style, leave some long bangs down to frame your face and then, tie the rest of your hair into a low and loose chignon.


13. Eva Mendes - Try A Seducing Ponytail

Eva Mendes's low pony is sexy but easy-to-style. Backcomb the hair at the crown and leave the curly bangs at the front. Then, tie the rest of the hair back into a low pony.


14. Gabrielle Union - Half-up Natural Curls

Generally speaking, all you need for this simple pinned-back style is a few bobby pins.


15. Nicole Richie - The Accessory Helps

Sometimes, an eye-catching accessory can completely change the look!


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