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14 Rare Historical Photos That Will Leave You Speechless

Even if you think you are a big fan of history, you have probably never seen these photos. This is a collection of extremely rare photographs showing a completely different side of history and remarkable historical events.

1. 14 years after World War II, the first stage of the Vietnam war took place. This photo shows the sacrifices made by these soldiers, as well as their loved ones, for their country.


2. Many people forget the impact war has on both nature and human beings. This photo shows a shell-shocked reindeer looking on as Hawker Hurricanes bombed a hillside in Russia.


3. Audrey Hepburn, with her pet deer "lip" in 1958.


4. The Flower Gun was an expression coined by American Beat poet Allen Ginsburg. This slogan was seen as a method of protesting against pro-war American Dream ideas and government policies.


5. Hendrix and Jagger were together at the golden age of their careers in 1969 New York.


6. This photo was captured in 1981 for Fortune Magazine showing that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were close friends. The pair reportedly went on double dates together.


7. This photo shows some of the courageous rescues of passengers on board of the ill-fated Titanic.


8. American astronaut Buzz Aldrin managed to take the first space selfie in 1966.


9. This room was believed to be the last place that the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, spent his final moments before committing suicide.


10. Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard, sophomore year. He founded Facebook in his small dormitory.


11. For years, Germany has been split into two countries: the socialist East and the capitalist West. It is strictly forbidden to visit the opposite territories.


12. Born in 1746, Hannah Stilley was believed to be the first individual ever to be captured on film.


13. This couple was captured in a passionate embrace on V-J Day in 1945. They actually didn't know each other before kissing. The truth is the sailor's future wife was peering over his right shoulder.


14. In the 1900s, swimmers were not allowed to wear swimwear shorter than the measurement permitted. Men were also forbidden and it was not until 1937 male swimmers were permitted to go topless on a b


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