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20 Flattering Hairstyles That Knock 10 Years Off Your Look

Believe it or not, whether it’s a stylish new cut or flirty bangs, the right hairstyle or haircut for you could be the world’s most amazing anti-ager. There are several factors you should pay attention to, for example, your hair type or texture and your face shape. Check out these 20 chic and young hairstyle looks which help you pick the best look and turn back the clock.

1. Jessica Alba - 36

A bob with curvy, flicked ends


2. Halle Berry - 51

Cool, long, and straight

3. Marion Cotillard - 41

A high-shine finish and a tight, neat, and low ponytail

4. Nicole Kidman - 50

A long blonde with curly ends

5. Audrey Tautou - 41

A curly pixie cut

6. Drew Barrymore - 42

A natural long wave

7. Christina Hendricks - 42

A red bob

8. Jennifer Aniston - 48

A classic straight blonde


9. Cate Blanchett - 48

A clean bob with a side parting


10. Kate Beckinsale - 44

A lower ponytail with face-framing tendrils

11. Rachel McAdams - 38

Copper red long and flowing


12. Jennifer Lopez - 48

An imperfect top knot

13. Jamie Lee Curtis - 58

A short pixie cut


14. Reese Witherspoon - 41

A straight Lob

15. Kate Hudson- 38

Long layered glory


16. Julianne Moore - 57

Simple red-brown long hair with some light waves

17. Cindy Crawford - 51

Sassy shoulder-length waves

18. Michelle Pfeiffer - 59

Messy blonde with long bangs

19. Cameron Diaz - 45

Casual light blonde bob

20. Katie Holmes - 38

Straight brown bob with bangs

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