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14 Hidden Movie Mistakes That Will Surprise You

1. Wet Hair: Dirty Dancing

Still remember the scene where Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey over his head in the movie Dirty Dancing? The famous dance drama gave us many great songs and dance moves. However, the movie also made some mistakes. In the last scene where Swayze jumps off the stage it is clear that his hair is dry. The next thing you know his hair is wet on his forehead. How is that possible?

2. Running Into Nazis: The Sound Of Music

The Sound of the Music is always considered as one of the most successful movies of all time. However, the truth is if the Von Trapp family had escaped through the same route as they did in the movie, the escape would probably fail, as their plan would have led them right into Germany!

3. When Apple Sends You a Letter: Forrest Gump

In Forrest Gump, Forrest received a snail mail from Apple Corporation Inc., which contains Apple’s rainbow logo. However, the logo was not actually created until 1975, long after Forrest supposedly received the mail.

4. Loyal Bottle: Grease

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were well-known for their excellent performances in Grease. However, Grease also contained some hilarious mistakes. Still remember when the girls are having a sleepover and Sandy passes a bottle of wine to Jan? Well, after that scene, the bottle reappears in Sandy’s hand just like magic.

5. Electricity: Gone with the Wind

To be honest, it is hard to have a perfect movie, especially where that movie lasts for four hours. In the epic movie Gone with the Wind, there was an electrical lamp in the movie. However, during the Civil War era, that was not that common at all.

6. A Parasol For a Chariot: Troy

Troy is an epic movie that has tiny little historical mistakes. In the movie, the character played by Orlando Bloom uses a pink parasol to defend the chariot. However, the parasol only appeared 800 years later in historical record.

7. The “Endless” Buffet: Pretty Woman

In Pretty Woman, the mistake is a “delicious” one. In that movie, Vivian had breakfast by room service after spending her first night with Edward. One shot shows that Vivian taking a bite of a croissant and the shot goes back to Edward. However, when the shot goes back to Edward again, she is nibbling on half a pancake. Then, it suddenly switches to a whole pancake!

8. Hair Needs To Be Up Here: Captain America (The First Avenger)

In the first Captain America installment, Hayley Atwell gave a great performance. However, her long hair would probably force her out of the army. At that time, army service required all woman to at least wear their long hair up.

9. The Female Pharaoh: The Mummy

In 2017, Tom Cruise took part in the reboot of The Mummy, in the hope that it would be as successful as the 1999 version. However, it resulted in failure and lost about $100 million. In fact, the whole movie is based on a historic mistake. In Egypt at that time, a princess could never become new Pharoah. In that case, Ahmanet’s revenge is totally redundant.

10. I Love Singapore: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Even the greatest movies may have bloopers. Well, it is the same with the Pirates of the Caribbean. In the ‘At World’s End’ installment, the ship heads to Singapore. However, Singapore was only found by British statesman Stamford Raffles in 1819. How could those pirates have arrived in Singapore in the 1700s?

11. The King’s Speech: Wrong Kilt

The King’s Speech was based on the story of King George VI. However, the kilt in the movie is wrong. That particular kilt design is from 1997. Moreover, the kilt in the movie is Irish, instead of Scottish Balmoral.

12. Bombs in BC: 300

In the war movie 300, it brings the audience back to the epic wars that took place in 400 BC. However, at that time bombs were not even invented!

13.  Mirror Comeback: Clueless

The 1995 movie Clueless was very successful and brought Alicia Silverston, Brittany Murphy, and Paul Rudd great fame. Unfortunately, when Cher Horowitz goes on a driving test in her jeep, the right-hand mirror is torn off due to an accident. Well, at the end of the ride, the mirror magically comes back.

14. Too Soon for Penis Theories: Titanic

One of the greatest movies, Titanic, also has bloopers. Remember when Bruce Ismay talks about the size of the giant ship, Rose then mentions Freud’s theory around the male preoccupation with size? Well, Freud only published his ideas after 1920. At that time, the giant ship Titanic had already sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after its fatal voyage in 1912.

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