13 Familiar Faces From Commercial

Have you ever watched a commercial on TV and thought, "I recognize that face, but have no idea who that is"? If so, then you are not alone. We have listed 13 familiar commercial faces that you'll probably recognize.

1. Orbit Gum Girl

When I look at her face, the first word that comes to mind is "Fabulous"! Her name is Vanessa Branch. She is an American actress and model who was born in the UK.


2. Flo from Progressive Insurance

Stephanie Courtney is renowned for her role as Flo in the Progressive Insurance commercial. Her huge grin is impressive! Actually she is an American comedian and actress.


3. Mr Mayhem Allstate Insurance

We are familiar with Mr Mayhem in the Allstate Insurance commercials. His real name is Dean Winters and is famous for his role in Oz.


4. Toyota Jan

Have you ever wondered who Jan (the lively receptionist is in the Toyota commercial) is? Her name is Laurel Coppock. She made appearances in 2 Broke Girls, Arrested Development and a few others.


5. AT&T "It's not that complicated" Guy

Are you a comedy fan? If so, then you probably recognize this face. His name is Beck Bennett. He is a regular on Saturday Night Live.


6. T-Mobile Pink-and-Black biker girl

Her real name is Carly Foulkes. Journalist Laura Stampler described her as one of the most recognizable faces. The truth is, she was fired faster than any other commercial star.


7. Burger King

Yeah, it is probably hard for you to recognize him. He is Ben Affleck. Sometimes you've got to break the rules, while other times you have to appear in old commercials before you can become famous.


8. Brown's Chicken

Steve Carell is another famous celebrity who appeared in an old commercial before he became famous. Now, he's a comedy genius.


9. Allstate Man

Dennis Haysbert is not only known for the Allstate home insurance but also many other films, such as 24 and Major League series.


10. Pine-Sol Lady

Remember the lady in the Pine-Sol commercial? yeah, that's Diane Amos! She has played in several blockbusters such as Patch Adams and Blue Jasmine.


11. The Most Interesting Man in the World

From the Dos Equis beer commercials, we recognize "the Most Interesting Man in the world". He is Jonathan Goldsmith who has already played in more than 350 films and TV series.


12. Corn Pops

This advert has been bothering us since 1999, right? This is Aaron Paul. Nowadays he's well known for his role in Breaking Bad.


13. Budweiser

Can you recognize that voice in the Budweiser commercial? I believe so! That voice can make us want to try the cool taste of Budweiser! It's the voice of George Clooney. Everybody knows him, right!


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