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12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco

An excellent method to cut costs is to shop at Costco. You could undoubtedly save extra money in your pocket if you optimized your purchase strategy. You don't want to miss any of these twelve Costco money-saving tips!

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_1

1. Split Bulk Items With A Friend

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_2

Although thirty rolls of toilet paper costs less than twenty bucks, if you are single or live alone in a tight space, it could still be a good idea to split the cost with a friend, by dividing up bulk packages of necessities and non-essential items.

2. You Can Ask To Get The Money Back If An Item Is Reduced In Price

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_3

You've been eyeing that washing machine for ages, and you finally decided to spend the money on it last week. Now you see it's on sale. Did you simply have lousy luck with timing? No. Even if you don't have the receipt, Costco will pay you the difference if you have had the item for less than 30 days. Costco's return policy is one of the most generous compared to many other retailers.

3. You Can Get The Cheapest Price By Decoding It

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_4

The pricing system at Costco might seem random and arbitrary to some customers, but with the right strategies, the numbers on the price tags reveal a lot. For example, 0.99 means the Costco pricing, while 0.98 represents the retailer price. The number 0.97 indicates that the price is less than the original price.

4. Make A List Before Going To Costco

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_5

Before entering the store, make a Costco shopping list at home and ensure that you have at least a dozen things. Then, once inside the store, make the most of your time by concentrating on the items on your list. Avoid becoming sidetracked by the flashy, bright devices in the front of the shop.

5. Put On Your Blinders

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_6

Whenever you enter Costco, there is typically a route lined with brand-new items hoping to find a permanent home with you. Don't mind it, and follow your list if you want to save money at Costco.

6. Downgrade Your Membership If You're Not Getting Enough Cash Back

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_7

There are many benefits of executive membership, but many people might not realize that if you find the upgrade isn't worthwhile to you then you can get your money back at any moment throughout the year. You can request this and check the eligibility for downgrading.

7. Upgrade Your Membership If You Spend A Lot

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_8

Don't forget to review your spending habits to ensure you aren't wasting money. You will recoup the $60 price premium if you spend an average of $250 each month at Costco, which works out to $3,000 annually. If you spend more, you will profit and gain access to additional advantages available only to Executive Members, such as Costco Travel bonuses.

8. Start At The Back

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_9

Here's an intriguing money-saving tip for Costco: the best deals may be found towards the back of the store. Start your shopping journey by visiting the ends of aisles and the back of the warehouse. After that, advance to the front.

9. Frozen Is Usually A Better Deal

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_10

Though fresh food may seem more enticing, many of the items sold at Costco were delivered frozen and then thawed before going on sale. You can get the entire base box for a comparably low cost if you'd prefer.

10. Look For Costco Coupons

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_11

The Costco coupon book contains a lot of discounts and coupons for various products. In addition, before visiting the closest Costco, it's a good idea to browse the top online coupon websites. Look for online Costco coupons, printable coupons, coupon codes, the newest discounts, and other savings possibilities.

11. The Rotisserie Chicken Is A Great Deal

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_12

It is less expensive to purchase frozen or uncooked chicken and cook it at home instead of enjoying the rotisserie chicken from the deli counter at Costco. However, the minimum weight is three pounds, and it costs $5. Take it home, separate the meat from the bones, and prepare three to four meals with it.

12. Bottled Water Is Very Affordable

12 Ways To Save Your Money In Costco_13

Due to the BPA in the plastic, we don't love bottled water. But when tap water is not accessible, Costco's Kirkland brand rivals many name-brand products on the market, and some would even claim that it is superior. It comes in 40 packs and costs about $.09 per bottle.

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