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12 Best High Chairs for Kids: Mom’s Guide 2018

When your baby can sit up on his or her own and is eating solid food, it’s time to go shopping for a high chair. But it’s not only safety and comfort that you need to consider when making a decision, there are still many other factors you should take into account. For example, you might need to consider how much cleaning you are willing to do on a daily basis, where your baby eats most of his or her meals, and how much space you have in your kitchen decor. Here we have listed the 12 top rated high chairs that all moms are gonna love!

Practical Buy - Graco Blossom


Price: $222.99

Pros: The Graco Blossom is actually not a high chair, but a seating system! This 4-in-1 “Transformer” can transform into different modes and is able to function well for any age: as an infant feeding booster, a high chair, a toddler booster and a youth chair. It can even be split apart to seat two kids and has wheels so that you can move your child around the dining area. In a word, the Graco Blossom is a great investment for a growing family.

Cons: Some parents find the small nooks hard to clean and the base can’t be folded up for storage.

Budget Pick - IKEA Antilop Highchair


Price: $19.99

Pros: The IKEA Antilop is compact, sturdy, easy to clean and really cheap. The surface of it is made of molded plastic, so you can easily wipe off sauce or any other food traces. Additionally, it’s lightweight and you can easily move it around. Overall, it’s a cost-effective choice and many families keep an extra one of these at the grandparents’ house.

Cons: The tray is difficult to remove so lots of parents just have to leave it on. Plus the safety belt may not offer enough support for smaller infants compared to a 5-point harness.

Cool Convertible - OXO Tot Sprout Chair


Price: $249.99

Pros: The best part of OXO Tot Sprout is that its tray will not tilt down when you set them on the counter. You can easily adjust the position of the tray with one hand, ensuring food drops on the tray and not on your baby’s cute belly or lap. What’s more, you can convert this high chair into a normal chair for kids up to five years old simply by removing the tray and harness - no further tools required.

Cons: Parents find that food can sneak under the cushions and water can get trapped in some of the tray’s nooks and crannies after washing.

Good-looking Pick - Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair


Price: $249

Pros: Do you know that a high chair can not only be a feeding tool for your baby, but a stylish piece of furniture for your home? A beautiful collection of water-based, non-toxic paint hues make the Stokke Tripp Trapp super chic and fit into your home decor. Meanwhile, like many other outstanding high chairs, it is safe, durable and adjustable. Plus, it’s designed to be pulled right up to the table so your kiddo can eat together with you.

Cons: Because of its compact design, extra attachments, such as a trays, cushioning accessories and a baby set must be purchased separately.

Simple and Cute - Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair


Price: $43.44

Pros: You can figure out how cute it is just from the name of this chair - SpaceSaver! It is a cozy and functional high chair, which doesn’t take up much floor space. The tray is easy to remove and is dishwasher safe when it gets too messy.

Cons: The seat fabric is not the type that can be easily wiped clean. Though the fabric is machine washable, it will take you some time to undo all the straps.

Grab and Go - Inglesina Fast Table Chair


Price: $69

Pros: This 4.2-pound chair can easily clamp right to the end of most tables. With the Inglesina Fast Table Chair, you don’t have to ask attendants for their public high chairs when you take your baby to eat out at a restaurant. Better yet, it’s small but super comfortable, just like a padded seat with a high backrest.

Cons: Actually it does not have any distinct disadvantages. Lost of parents just love how easy it is to wash and travel with.

The Command Centre - Peg Perego Siesta Highchair


Price: $299.99

The Inglesina Fast Table Chair is a multi-functional one that can fully recline. This feature allows you to keep your baby close by, no matter where you are. Plus, the upholstery on the chair is very soft and provides excellent support and comfort. Better yet, it’s simple to wipe clean and easy to store in small living spaces. To sum up, it’s easy to clean, a great size, and not too bulky.

Modern and Convertible - Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair


Price: $159.99

Pros: This Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair has a modern minimalist design and only leaves a small footprint in your dining area. The tray has a removable and dishwasher-safe insert and is easy to clean. It converts into a chic big kid chair simply by removing the tray.

Cons: The traps are not detachable.

Sleek and Fancy - BABYBJORN High Chair


Price: $239.99

Pros: The BABYBJORN High Chair is designed to be ergonomic and form-fitting to your kiddo’s body, thus making them feel safe and comfortable. Plus, the small and compact design of this chair allows you to slide it up to the table, so your baby can eat with you. Cleaning is no an issue neither, you can simply throw the tray in the dishwasher.

Cons: The only disadvantage of the BABYBJORN High Chair it that the price of it might exceed your expectation.

Functional and Cool - Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair


Price: $279.99

Pros: You can directly feel the unique and stylish design of the Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair through the photo. The best part of this full of flair high chair is the pneumatic lift. There’s a button on the pedestal base, when you press it with your foot the chair will automatically lift up or down until you are satisfied with the height. In addition, the seat is one-piece and as a result there are no crevices for bacteria and sauce to get trapped in.

Cons: It’s pricey and a bit hard for you to move it around in your dining area.

360 Degree Rotation - Chicco 360 Hook On Chair


Price: $74.99

Pros: As a portable baby chair, the most interesting and cleverest feature of this chair is that it has 6 rotating positions, allowing it to spin a full 360 degrees. It means that the chair is not only for eating but also for fun! The chair is designed to be fitted to most tables, is compact for easy transportation and its tray is dishwasher-safe.

Cons: It may not fit on every table.

Swing Open Tray - JOOVY Nook High Chair


Pirce: $111.19

Pros: The most special thing about JOOVY Nook high chair is that it has a swing open tray. This design allows you to pick up your baby without taking food or dishes off the tray by simply swing the tray open. Meanwhile, it’s light and compact. It even has a carry handle, making transportation a breeze.

Cons: Since the tray is designed to be swung open, it may not as sturdy as some of the other choices.

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