12 Best High Chairs for Kids: Mom’s Guide 2018

When your baby can sit up on his or her own and is eating solid food, it’s time to go shopping for a high chair. But it’s not only safety and comfort that you need to consider when making a decision, there are still many other factors you should take into account. For example, you might need to consider how much cleaning you are willing to do on a daily basis, where your baby eats most of his or her meals, and how much space you have in your kitchen decor. Here we have listed the 12 top rated high chairs that all moms are gonna love!

Practical Buy - Graco Blossom


Price: $222.99

Pros: The Graco Blossom is actually not a high chair, but a seating system! This 4-in-1 “Transformer” can transform into different modes and is able to function well for any age: as an infant feeding booster, a high chair, a toddler booster and a youth chair. It can even be split apart to seat two kids and has wheels so that you can move your child around the dining area. In a word, the Graco Blossom is a great investment for a growing family.

Cons: Some parents find the small nooks hard to clean and the base can’t be folded up for storage.

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