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11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer

Everything we take in our body may directly affect our health. Each year, there are over 1.5 million people diagnosed with cancer, which makes it essential to be careful of what we eat every day. Here are 11 things we eat daily but might cause cancer.

1. Canned Food

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_1

Food cans usually contain bisphenol-a (BPA), a chemical that has been linked to cancer along with some other serious health problems. Thus, it's inevitable for canned food to carry such toxic influence.

2. Processed Meat

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_2

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), processed meat, such as hot dogs, sausages, and bacon, is considered carcinogenic. Consuming such food daily only for a small amount would increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%.

3. Farmed Salmon

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_3

Farmed salmon is fed on artificial food, which may be contaminated by chemicals, pesticides, and other carcinogens. The Environmental Working Group has found the polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in farmed salmon 16 times more than wild ones.

4. Refined Sugar

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_4

It's first discovered in 1931 by Otto Warburg, the Nobel laureate in medicine, that sugar provides fuel to tumors and cancers. Moreover, refined sugar is more likely to access cancer cells and disturb your metabolism.

5. Pickled And Smoked Foods

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_5

Pickled and smoked foods contain nitrates, which would be converted to N-nitroso, a carcinogenic compound. Meanwhile, these types of foods tend to be colored, which increases the risks of getting colorectal and stomach cancer.

6. Alcohol11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_6

It's fine to drink moderately, but excessive drinking would probably cause serious problems. A meta-analysis of drinking and cancer risk found a connection between heavy drinking and an increased risk of mouth, colon, liver and other cancers.

7. Fatty Foods

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_7

Eating high-fat foods could cause quite a few health issues like obesity, diabetes, etc. And obesity, for starters, could increase the risk of bowel, pancreatic, breast, and kidney cancers.

8. Microwave Popcorn

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_8

If you consider microwave popcorn an easy home-made treat, you should be careful! Some microwave popcorn bags contain a chemical that decomposes to produce perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which has been linked to a higher risk of liver, prostate, and other cancers.

9. Soda Pop

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_9

The bright color of soda may be attractive but could also be dangerous. Artificial food colorings contain 4-methylimidazole (4-MI), a chemical that could create stomach ulcers, stomachaches and increase cancer risks.

10. Donuts

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_10

Donuts may be a delicious treat but definitely not a healthy one. Full of trans-fats, processed sugar, and white flour, they are basically a mix of multiple cancer-causing foods.

11. Potato Chips

11 Things You Eat Everyday That May Cause Cancer_12

When starchy food like potatoes gets cooked at high temperatures, it will form acrylamide, a chemical that is normally found in cigarette smoke. Although more research is needed, it's better not to have potato chips as snacks too often.

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