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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alan Thicke

This is absolutely heartbreaking. Alan Thicke, who was known for being Dr. Jason Seaver in Growing Pains, tragically passed away from a heart attack on December 13, 2016, at the young age of 69. Here is a look at 10 interesting facts you might not know.


1. He Was a Twice-Nominated Emmy Writer.

Before he was known as a talk show host, Alan Thicke was a sought-after writer for CBA and U.S. TV.


2. Thicke was also a successful theme song composer.

Alan Thicke wrote the themes for many game shows including "The Joker's Wild," "It Takes Diff'rent Strokes" in "Diff'rent Strokes." He was even a featured singer.


3. "The affordable Shatner."

Alan Thicke described himself as "the affordable Shatner," referring to his appearances at public events. He co-hosted the annual Disney Christmas Parade with Joan Lunden back in the 1980s. He also hosted the Miss Universe pageant, and The Canadian Comedy Awards and more.


4. Thicke Once Tried to Knock Off Johny Carson.

Thicke's was a talk show host, both real and fictional. His late night show "Thicke of the Night" was seen in the 1983-1984 season. Through the show received some unkind critics, it did help launch the career of talk-show-host-to-be Arsenio Hall.


5. TV Father Knows Best...

Alan Thicke played Dr. Jason Seaver on ABC’s Growing Pains, but he’s also Robin Thicke’s father. He occasionally offered some fatherly advice to his young cast including suggesting his TV son Kirk Cameron considering a different career, giving acting advice for Leo DiCaprio who played as a homeless teen in "Growing Pains."


6. Alan Was An Avid Hockey Fan.

Alan Thicke loved Hockey. He was a huge hockey fan and close friend with Wayne Gretzky. The Hockey world sent its condolences to the Thicke family.


7. Thicke Was Married Three Times.

Alan was first married to Days of Our Lives star Gloria Loring from 1970 to 1984. They had two sons, Brennan and Robin Thicke. He dated Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Kristy Swanson and got engaged in 1988. However, the relationship didn't last. He later married his second wife Miss World 1990 Gina Tolleson in 1994. They had a son Carter William Thicke. They finally divorced in 1999. Thicke met his third wife Tanya Callau and they married in 2005.


8. Alan Thicke appeared on the show "How I Met Your Mother."

Over the years, Alan Thicke played himself in cameo roles, as he did on "How I Met Your Mother."


9. Thicke Is On The Canadian Walk of Fame.

Thicke was indicted into Canada's Walk Of Fame in 2013. His friend said, "He took pride not only in his accomplishments, but in being Canadian.”


10. Music Artist Robin Thicke Is Alan Thicke's Son.

Alan Thicke has three sons, one of whom is Robin Thicke, famous for the 2013 hit single Blurred Lines.


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