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10 Of The Hottest Celebrities Over 40

For many celebrities, 40 is the new 30, and it could be the best age to be. Whilst many people choose plastic surgery to keep them look young, the 10 stars below prefer to be real. In my opinion, they are looking great as they age.

1. Sofia Vergara

Born in 1972 in Barranquilla, Columbia, Sofia is now 44 years old. Her big break in the US came from her first role in the crime comedy, "Big Trouble" and her most famous role is Gloria in "Modern Family".


2. Halle Berry

Halle Berry has had many significant roles, such as Catwoman and as a Bond girl. Now she is 49 years old and not only talented, but even more beautiful too.


3. Nicole Kidman

Married to country singer Keith Urban, 49-year-old Nicole Kidman is a fashion icon. She loves making fashion statements at each award show she attends. Her stunning appearances will be treasured by people forever.


4. Angie Harmon

Though Angie Harmon is 43 years old, she is still in great shape. Angie and her husband Jason Sehorn love competing and spend lots of time training.


5. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is most famous for her sexy body shape. You wouldn't believe that this perfect shape belongs to a 47-year-old actress.


6. Julianne Moore

At the age of 55, Julianne Moore isn't in any hurry to experience the plastic surgery trend. Though she is not young anymore, she always looks at her best.


7. Jennifer Aniston

As our most beautiful woman of 2016, Jennifer Aniston is still very humble. Now, she is 47 years old and I would say that she is even more confident in her own skin.


8. Jennifer Garner

By doing Pilates, this 44-year-old mom dropped all her pregnancy pounds. Besides, Jennifer Garner can also take good care of her skin which also makes her look younger.


9. Geri Halliwell

At the age of 43, to keep fit, the Spice Girl Geri Halliwell keeps away from alcoholic drinks. That helps a lot.


10. Demi Moore

At her 50th birthday party in 2012, her friends said that Demi Moore was open to trying out something new and different. Now, she looks even more awesome than before.


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