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25 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company

Honestly speaking, playing with dogs is interesting, but it could make you exhausted if you adopt a more active one. When you come home after a busy day, would you like a dog that is willing to snuggle up and rest beside you or an energetic one that cries for the outdoor activities. Think about the precious time you sacrifice to make sure your dog spends enough energy, the time that could have been spent doing much nicer things, does it make you hesitate about dog ownership, even for a second? If yes, lazy dog breeds are here to help you out because they love sleeping and hate exercise as much as you do. 

1. English Bulldog

The name of "laziest king" could belong to the English Bulldog. Don't be tricked by their hard work on learning to skateboard and surf; it's a necessary activity to control weight and maintain images. When they take exercise, they may have already prayed for their bedtime to come.

2. French Bulldog

Regarding laziness, this one is a tiny bit better than his English cousin. The difference does not lie in the time he will sleep but the noises he will like to make. He may love a funny game when he is not "drunk."

3. Havanese

With a "baby" face, the Havanese enjoys the social life, such as walks and outings to bring fun for him, but he also doesn't mind snuggling on the couch all day. They may well know that the secret of looking youthful is to take a nice long sleep.

4. Saint Bernard

You only need to glance at a Saint Bernard to see through their lazy nature. It's forgivable for a giant breed that doesn't like too many activities. Can you understand how reluctant a fat person would like to run, let alone in warmer climates with the very thick coats, even in the cold weather, it's not a pleasurable thing.

5. Pug

"Snoring" may be a good "feedback" to the "Hypnos" (sleep God), at least, it shows you are sleeping. In such a way, the Pug often tells us that he enjoys his time. He seems to feel no shame to announce his laziness at all. And their "honesty" even makes them a cuter breed than other ones. They become sentimental, if they are left alone. Don't let them always cry when they wake up and find you're not there!

6. Tibetan Spaniel

Sleeping so much doesn't make them stupid! Instead, Tibetan Spaniel is alert and curious, and he costs so much energy to think about the "dog life" that he has to rest well to start another time-consuming meditation. Only a little space can satisfy their needs, for example, it's an ideal place for them to nap on your feet due to their small size.

7. Chihuahua

Body shape is not the key factor in a dog's lazy nature, which will be best explained by the Chihuahua - the smallest breed of dog. They are much more comfortable being inside and sleep for a whole afternoon, so they're no surprise on the list for couch potato races.

8. Japanese Chin

Want to find a dog that is as lazy as a cat, as cute as a cat? The Japanese Chin perfectly meets your needs. When putting them in a comfortable bed, they will fall asleep without much complaint or most of the time; they just sleep next to their owners for the remainder of the day and night.

9. Bullmastiff

This "muscular man" won't let you down! He has mastered the art napping. Even though they look like a working dog with "suitable size" and strength, they are too lazy to spend time digging out their potential for work.

10. English Mastiff

If Bullmastiff ranks in at No.2 lazy dog, the English Mastiff should be No.1. They're lazier and require minimal exercise. Facing many people's doubt that their body shape doesn't match up with their abilities, they are with a show of calmness. After all, no dog can decide to become a dog before he was born. They tried!

11. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is well known for his mild temperament, pleasant, and outgoing nature. When faced unpleasant things in life, they choose to sleep it off and take the chill route.

12. Basenji

Basenji is another “lazy” breed, but different from the Pomeranian, they don't care about their image at all. Let’s just watch them live out their true selves in their natural habitats.

13. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian has a pretty face and small body shape. They love napping and manage to captivate you with their smiles while they are at it.

14. Beagle

Snoopy of the comic strip Peanuts made the Beagle famous around the world, And like Snoopy, this little one loves to sleep.

15. Cockapoo

Cockapoo will only keep active an average of 64.72 minutes a day, just about one hour. If you think they sleep too much, you can wake them and play a game of fetch. But don’t retard their sleeping schedule too much, or you’ll need to take care of their ill tempers.

16. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds have plenty of distinguishing characteristics, stubby legs, droopy ears, wrinkled brows and their laid-back personalities. Like all dogs, they can get bursts of energy when chasing critters. The rest of the time, they are happy to chase critters in their dreams. 

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_34

17. Pekingese

This chunky little dog is known for its adorable squashed face and big dog attitude. They are born to be your sweet and comical companion, requiring no more than 20 minutes of exercise a day.

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_35

18. Bernese Mountain Dog

Not only are Bernese Mountain Dogs known for the world's most beautiful dogs, they are also calm and gentle. These fluffy balls like relaxing indoors as much as they like being outside. 

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_36

19. Chow Chow

The giant teddy bear-looking dog is very loyal and protective of their families. They love to snuggle and relax with their owners. Due to their allergy to heat, they do not need a lot of exercise. A short walk a day is enough.10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_37

20. Great Dane

Great Dane is best known for its true gentle personality and speed, but they are also known as "the world's fastest couch potato." They are calm, gentle and love cuddling on the couch after a play session.

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_38

21. Newfoundland

These big, fluffy beauties can grow to be 150 pounds, but they are known to be laid-back, gentle-tempered softies. They are also friendly to kids. Perhaps the only drawback is that they drool and like to sling it everywhere. 

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_39

22. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus need daily exercise, but a moderate daily walk through your backyard is generally enough. They are lively and playful and enjoy relaxing with the family. 

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_40

23. Greyhound

Most people find surprised when they find Greyhounds on the lazy list, after all, they are known for racing 40+ mph on the track. But Greyhound is actually a gentle breed that can adapt to the lounging lifestyle. They are also quiet, and loyal companions, tending to get well with family members. 

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_41

24. Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers made for great apartment dogs. Their weight maxes out 25 pounds, so even if you are confined to a studio apartment, this buddy will not mind. They are fairly inactive, one walk a day is all the dog needs. 

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_42

25. Yorkshire Terrier

This small dog has a big personality. It's popular among older owners. They don't need too much walk and is easy to feed and maintain.

10 Laziest Dog Breeds That Will Keep Your Couch-Potato Life Company_43

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